Discipleship in Action (DiA) – the vision

I have a vision with Harvest Field.  Maybe that’s obvious.  Our mission is to help people to know Jesus Christ through small-group, individual, and online studies so that they can not only come into a faith relationship with our Lord and Savior, but so that they also can become dedicated, fruit-producing disciples that glorify our Lord and help bring others to Him.


Since Harvest Field has started, we’ve tried several different approaches and curriculum, but we’ve always been seeking the same goal.  The goal that the Lord gave me when I was first called.  Some of the things that we’ve tried have worked rather well, like the at home studies using the DFD material from NavPress.  Others have crashed and burned before they even got off the ground, like the short lived BibleX study that we offered online.  The successes and failures of each study, each curriculum, and each setting have taught me an awful a lot.  A lot about what exactly it was that I’m trying to do, and how, with the Lord, we are going to do it.



Harvest Field Video Blog 02: Throwing Stones

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HF Video Blog 01: The Unpopular Message

Harvest Field Online Bible X study promo/intro video

In the short time since Harvest Field had left the recesses of my imagination and became a reality, we have expanded from small discipleship/leadership training meetings, to medium sized in-home discipleship Bible studies, and now we are moving into online Bible studies as well! Here’s the promo video for the beginnings of Harvest Field Online.

Reflections from a gun owner.

From left to right: GSG5 (.22), Bushmaster (.223), AK74 (5.45x39), Bersa Thunder (.380)

From left to right: GSG5 (.22), Bushmaster (.223), AK74 (5.45×39), Bersa Thunder (.380)

I’m not going to write a post with my opinions about the events at Sandy Hook Elementary last week. There are plenty of opinions floating around the blogoshpere, and adding another page of digital drivel isn’t going to do anyone any good. The last thing I want to do is to provide my own theological reasoning for the events, as if that would somehow make sense of what happened or console those affected. So, to that end, I will not post my thoughts on why or how or what we should do next. As a gun owner, however, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on what this means for me. I’ve owned several assault rifles, among many other types of firearms, ever since I’ve been legally allowed to. I’ve had many “AR-15” and AK-47 type weapons, some of which I still own today. In my home right now is a Bushmaster “M4” style rifle, very similar to those used in many of the shootings happening in an alarming rate all across the nation. I’ve been asking myself this question: “Why do I own these?”. I can’t hardly pretend that I need such high powered rifles to defend my home. I don’t have very much time for recreational shooting like I did when I was younger, and even if I did I would be doing so with my children, who I would not let use such heavy firepower. I don’t hunt. I’m not going to war. What good could possibly come from my possession of such weapons? None. If there is no practical purpose for my ownership of such weapons, then it is time for them to go.

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