Ready for relaunch! (almost)

OK, so I don’t quite have my mind-blowing posts ready to go, but I did finally get the blog organized so that I’m more prepared to get some serious work done.  I had planned on writing a piece about Blood Stone and the Bond film left in limbo, but today has been pretty crazy with a wedding cake that had to be delivered and this being me and my wife’s fourth anniversary weekend.  We will be trying to celebrate tonight, but hopefully I’ll make it back tomorrow to get it written.

I did get tabs for Rival Comics and Piece of Cake up in the header, so be sure to check those out.  Before officially launching the blog, I plan on getting a lot of my old comics back on the facebook page so that you’re not going to a link with very little content.  I’m also going to see what it will take to get all of my posts from the Rival site transferred to this blog before my hosting completely runs out.  I’m hoping that running everything from this central blog will actually help keep everything organized so I can keep all my projects in order…while saving butt loads on hosting costs.  That’s the plan anyway.  Well…that’s it for now, I hope you enjoy the blog’s setup and will eventually enjoy it’s content.

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