Am I the only one who thinks that getting up, running, kicking, and waving my arms around like an idiot in front of a tv is a rediculous way to play a video game?  Nintendo decided to “break the mold” by introducing the Wii and sacrificing power and graphics in lieu of massive amounts of interaction between gamer and game, which was respectable enough and broadened the gamining audience to include a much more casual crowd, but did Sony and Microsoft really have to follow in their footsteps years later?

Before the introduction of the Wii (and subsequent death of classic video games) I was a huge Nintendo fan.  It’s not that I stuck only with Nintendo as I did venture to buy an Xbox at one point and had a couple of Playstations and PS2’s in the house at different times, but my fondest video game memories and primary focus for purchases or holiday requests were for/on a Nintendo platform of some kind.  With the exception of the Virtua Boy (that is what it was called, right?) I’m pretty sure I had every Nintendo system, whether it was handheld or console, and spent almost all of my childhood through high school years playing them.  You would never catch me without some type of Game Boy in my pocket and you could bet that my entire evening after school was spent playing SNES or N64.  I loved Nintendo games so much that I can usually remember big events or important moments in life by what I was playing at the time (ex: mother’s third wedding; Driver 2 for GBA).

Back then, you didn’t play video games to get fit, but playing them definitely increased the likelihood that you were going to get fat…I miss those days.  Remember when you were considered a dork if you spent all your free time playing video games?  The only thing that used to be more nerdy was reading comics, which, of course, was one of my other favorite childhood pastimes.  Remember when parents used to try to get you away from your Nintendo to play outside, get some excercise or enjoy your summer like a “normal kid”?  Ever get told you were going to get too fat to get a date?  As if you’d really want a date…that would cut into game time.

Speaking of gaining weight, I’m pretty sure I put on the most pounds in the Goldeneye years.  When Goldeneye was in it’s prime (which was a several year period) I gained so much of a gut that there was no hope of seeing my own penis when I took a shower.  Sorry to sound crude, but it’s the honest truth, and if you know how thin I am now and am naturally it really goes to show how much I gained then.  Goldeneye was just that good.  Go ahead, try to dispute it.

Then came the Wii.  Everything changed.  I was of course excited to see the classic Nintendo franchises like Zelda and Mario, but I was not at all excited about the Wii remote thing…especially following the Gamecube controller which, in my opinion, is the greatest game console controller of all time.  I almost felt betrayed…even know, for appearances sake, turning the remote sideways really brings you back to your old school NES roots and you can download a lot of classic titles, but it just wasn’t the same.  It was time to align myself with Sony and cough of the cash to get their powerhouse of a system…at least the PS3 had a controller…with a D-pad, face buttons and joysticks…what else do you need?

We did eventually get a Wii too so that my girls and my wife had something to play, but, just as I figured I would be, I was annoyed with the controller so much so that the system was almost unplayable.  The other members of the house played it on occasion enjoying the novelty of Wii Sports and other family friendly collections of mini games, but the fun really didn’t last long, and the system is now basically used to stream movies from Netflix. 

So the PS3 was fulfilling all of my gaming needs for quite some time and the Wii was largely ignored, but, for whatever reason, other gamers in the world continued gravitating toward the inferior Wii and really put a damper on Sony and Microsoft’s sales.  To this day I still don’t understand the appeal of the system, but the competitors did the only thing they could to stay in the game: copy Nintendo’s winning formula and release their own motion sensitive controllers that force gamers off the couch.  Why??

Sony was first to crumble with the release of the Playstation Move.  The reviewers all say that it’s great and much more accurate than the Wii, but that it has a terrible lineup of launch games that are compatible.  Are they really so eager to get this controller out that they can’t release it with decent games?  Seems so desperate.  My sister has played it and tells me it’s not nearly as bad as it seems, but based solely on principle I’m still refusing to try.  I suppose years from now if something is released for it that my wife or kids want to get I might buckle and try it…but I won’t like it.

Worse than the Playstation Move is Microsoft’s retarded attempt to move into “interactive gaming” with the Xbox Kinect.  I’m sure it will sell like mad and it’s launch title looked better than Sony’s lineup, but why on earth would anyone want to get up in front of the TV jumping around like an idiot without having any kind of controller in thier hand to justify the stupidity.  I can imagine, like the Wii, that it’s great for parties and family get togethers and everyone can have a good laugh at everyone else waving their arms around or punching and kicking the air, but once the social novelty of the device grows stale what will you be left with.  Picture yourself standing alone in your living room and waving at your TV…somehow this seems much more pathetic, and strangely more socially acceptable, than being a gamer years ago. 

In summery: you guys used to call us nerds for playing games, and now your all standing around waving at nothing alone in your bedrooms like lunatics…think about it.

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    • Christopher Severt
    • October 30th, 2010

    I agree completely, you know I do… I mean can you imagine me standing in front of the tv playing Final Fantasy waving my arms around like I’m slashing a dragon or something with a sword or pretending to cast Firaga on a non existent enemy? I think not. That combined with 90+ hours of walking around my own living room, I might as well just film it and release it as my sequel to Lord of the Rings.

    • Travis Laux
    • October 30th, 2010

    I agree as well, I think our time on the virtural plane is coming to a close. They have opened the gates to all the idiots and naysayers and made gaming socially acceptable. Maybe it’s time to break out the dice and books to play some good old D&D.

    • @Travis if you did, they would take it too…just imagine a mainstream, socially acceptable D&D.

        • theparanoidagent
        • November 1st, 2010

        I think James Cameron did it…He called it Avatar

      • Avatar is a socially acceptable D&D?

        • theparanoidagent
        • November 1st, 2010

        it is when people get clinically depressed watching it because they wish they could live in the fantasy realm.

      • Ok, maybe this is another dumb question…but is there really people that became clinically depressed over this film?

    • theparanoidagent
    • November 2nd, 2010

    sadly, A LOT of people did…it was big news for a couple of weeks…

    • Lol…like I said in my latest post, I must have lived under a rock for the majority of the last year. I primarily get my news from twitter these days, and that never came up.

  1. As a follow up…there have already been tons of reported injuries with this thing. Look for the videos on youtube. They’re hilarious.

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