Google: the New World Order

I think I may have been living under a rock for a large portion of the last year, but I only recently started looking into the Google Chrome OS.  Thanks to my brother, I’m a huge Mac fan, but since my hardware heavy multimedia needs have slowed and my time spent online has increased, this OS has piqued my interest.

I read an article from Fox News the other day regarding official release information of the Chrome OS, and it seemed like something I’d like to check out.  I spend most of my time, when on a computer or phone, online anyway.  Whether I’m blogging, browsing randomly on Google, or spying on all my “friends” on Facebook, I spend a lot of time on the internet.  An operating system that is basically one really, really awesome browser where you can do everything you normally do on your computer like browsing, watching movies, listening to music, creating documents, etc, etc would have a lot of appeal to the average computer user and it allows you to do all of this without having to save anything to a hard drive and without bogging down your system with a lot of crap that you don’t use, understand or need…always a good thing.  The thought of doing everything online and very, very quickly should be appealing to everyone and I, for one, was seriously considering purchasing a machine that runs this OS sometime after release.

End of story?  Of course not.  The day after reading up on the OS, I went to dinner with my brother.  Naturally we started talking about the OS and he started to remind me that we are Severts and we shouldn’t take anything at face value.  How did I look past the potential for conspiracy in this situation?  An operating system that allows you to do everything from your browser.  All of your information, documents, etc. are all online on a server somewhere…hm.  He just had to open the flood gates.

I really got to thinking about this the next day at work.  I don’t think that Google is an evil company, and I don’t believe they have any nefarious agendas with this operating system.  I honestly think they just came up with an idea that refreshes how we look at computing and they are going to put it out there, compete with Microsoft and Apple, and make butt-tons of money…nothing too evil about that, right?  Then maybe they can merge the Chrome OS and Android OS and completely monopolize the online world.  Good move on Google’s part.  But who else is going to be interested in this project?  Other companies?  Governments?  Maybe I’m just talking paranoid gibberish, I mean we are just talking about a really fast netbook, right?

But say the American government saw the potential to gain tons and tons of information from all around the world with this operating system.  It might become an interest of theirs to make this thing as big as possible…to crush the competition and make this the largest OS worldwide.  Maybe they pump tons of money into the project to get it out there.  Maybe they strike a deal with Google for rights to sensitive information from their servers.  I mean how easy would it be?  Governments already understand the importance of seeking through social networking sites and scouring hard drives to get information that they need, why not cut out the leg work and just let the information come to you?

Governments aside, what about other interested groups or individuals who might want your personal information?  I mean, what’s the security like on this thing?  Is this any different than the large amounts of information that most of us already post or put online in some way, shape or form?  Realistically, most of us already pay bills and post ridiculous amounts of personal information online anyway, so maybe this is no worse.  And who knows, maybe all the information is actually safer on Google’s servers…definitely something to be curious about though.

This is merely an introduction…more of a question than anything.  Just something to make you think before you go all willy-nilly and buy a machine that runs the Chrome OS.  I’m not saying I won’t buy one, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t, and I’m definitely not saying I have a conspiracy theory as to where our information is going and for who’s personal gain, but I am saying that this is a new and very interesting concept that could turn the computer world upside down…but it will definitely raise questions.  So what are your thoughts?  Is this just another OS?  Nothing to worry about?  Is it something that starts with good intentions, then turns into something very, very bad (much like the internet itself, or sites like Facebook)?  What are your thoughts?

    • TheBigOne
    • April 7th, 2014

    You are not being paranoid thinking this unless you try to make predictions on a certain date like America will collapse on XXX then you will look like an ass and be an ass.

    The bible even says not to make dates on prophecies because it’s up to mankind to put the pieces together.

    I personally think prophecies are useless and it’s best just to live by faith and spend as little as possible except on what is truly important to survive.

    Google IS either the new world order or will be knocked down and taken over by the New World Order under a different name.
    Google is just a former shell of itself as far as I am concerned.

    When Google first started they really were about freedom and creativity and in the mid 2000s that suddenly changed. I assume a new owner took over Google? And is now running it to the ground but it’s not done by accident.

    There is a site that talks about the difference between the *real* new world order and fake new world order organizations that are set up to keep people distracted until they are no longer needed then destroyed as a ritual like the Twin Towers were designed with an anti American purpose to trade with countries that uses slave labor.

    The Twin Towers were made to make China rich and now that they are rich they were no longer needed so they were *pulled* down along with Building 7 which the BBC news caster said it was destroyed 10 minutes before it actually was.

    • TheBigOne
    • April 7th, 2014

    I think more realisticly that Google will be taken over though by a different organization and this is the transition period.

    Did you ever hear about the BIG unidentified ocean rigs they have and nobody knows why?

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