Just Sayin’

Every generation is entitled to a handful of really stupid phrases, but the phrases today’s kids use are by far the dumbest. 

I mean, we definitely had some dumb ones pop up in my high school days.  Who can forget “bling, bling!” And “fo shizzle my nizzle”?  But no matter how many bad rap influenced phrases my generation came up with, nothing tops the phrase “just sayin'”

When I first started hearing people use this phrase constantly, I mistakenly took it for a replacement for “no offense”  for example, “you look like a homo…just sayin'” could have replaced, “you look like a homo…no offense”. 

Oh foolish me, I didn’t realize that just sayin’ could be added to the end of nearly any sentence and could mean almost anything.  It’s kind of like when people randomly say, “word” (which I still don’t know how to actually define in it’s commonly used context…just sayin’).  I could say anything and add it to the end and fit right in with today’s youth.  “Sorry to have to tell you this, but we can’t save him…we’ve tried everything…just sayin’.”.

As I became increasingly annoyed with the phrase I tweeted “anyone else hate the phrase just sayin’? #stupidphrases #justsayin”.  I then decided to click #stupidphrases in my tweet, which produced 2 tweets, then I moved to the #justsayin…the amount of tweets that included #justsayin was enormous.  I thought I hated the phrase before seeing this, but was utterly disgusted by the time I finished reading a handful of these tweets.  Go ahead, search for it in the trending topics so you too can see just how stupid today’s kids are.

Way to go American youth, you never stop making me want to vomit…just sayin’.

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    • theparanoidagent
    • November 2nd, 2010

    I’ve never really ever used the phrase “Just Saying” and most catchphrases that are out there, like the ones that you mentioned I only say ironically, just to be stupid. I think if I am guilty of any catchphrase abuse, it would be “you know what i mean”. Don’t worry though, within a year a two, or the next big MTV schmo show ala Jersey Shore, there will be yet another catchphrase to annoy the living hell out of you….Just sayin’ 😛

    • I’m sure you’re right. Great use of the phrase, by the way. I’m exactly the same way with the joking use of some of these phrases…the most of which being “word”, which I don’t even fully understand…you know what I mean? Lol

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