Facebook Surviver


You are, no doubt, familiar with Facebook, and you probably recall watching an episode or two of Survivor.  Ever wonder what would happen if you combined the two?

How many Facebook “friends” do you have?  How many are actually your friends.  Do you care what 300 random people from your past are doing on Farmville?  Ever find yourself aggrivated with all the stupid stuff these people post and wonder why you ever accepted a friend request in the first place?  How many times can you really read ‘FML’ before wanting to put someone out of their misery?  I think we could all take a lesson from my wife who recently started playing a new game I’ve dubbed “Facebook Survivor”.

The first round of her new game came several weeks ago after she got sick of all the drama some of her female friends were causing online.  Perhaps as a sign of growing up into the adult she will be, she decided she wanted no part of their childish bickering and had no interest in seeing it in her feed.  She then told the people responsible for the drama how stupid they were and deleted them.  This prompted her to go through her friends list to cut several others who annoy her with their childish or annoying posts.  When she was done she posted a status update to let her friends know that if they were reading her post that they were lucky.  They made the cut.  And thus Facebook Survivor began.

I think her first round reduced her approximate 300 friends to about 200.  This coupled with her blocking several pages and apps kept her fairly satisfied with the things showing up in her feed…for a while.  Once she got the ball rolling, though, it became so much easier for her to not spare any feelings with the people remaining on her list.  Friends and family finally started to hear how she felt, and since several decided not to heed her warnings or respect her wishes, the second round of Facebook Survivor began.  She reduced her friends list down to a meager 100 friends.  I’m waiting to see if this is the last round or if there will be more people getting cut in the future.

Regardless, she really got me thinking about my own friends list.  How many people do I really want to interact with?  50?  30?  Less?  How many people on that list really care about what I have to say?  Perhaps the most disturbing question is: how many people are on this list that I don’t even know?  I probably won’t be as harsh as my better half, but I think I might start silently making some cuts myself.  Trim the fat, so to speak, to make my online experience more enjoyable and share only with people that I really care about.

I’m going to go as far as to suggest that you all try it too.  Consider it a social experiment.  Just go through your friend list and cut the people that you don’t know or never talk to.  After, post a status update that says something to the effect of: Facebook Survivor round one complete; if you’re reading this you made the cut!  Chances are you’ll only have a handful of replies to this status and they will probably be from people expressing their excitement about still being your friend.  Now if you do this, keep track of the people who commented on your post after the first round…I’m willing to bet they would be in the handful of people left when the last round was finished. 

So…anyone interested or willing to try this out?  I’m still debating on whether I do this, but I’m definitely curious as to how it would turn out and how much better our lives would be if we weren’t bogged down with the useless and irrelevant things we find ourselves caught up in on Facebook.

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    • Amanda
    • November 6th, 2010

    You are completely right. The only people that commented on my first survivor round were the ones that are still here after round two. I’m starting to really figure out who my real friends are.

    • Amanda
    • November 6th, 2010

    P.S. This is probably not the last round. You better keep the wife happy or you’ll be on the chopping block. lol

    • Chris
    • November 6th, 2010

    Or do like I did and instead of cutting off the heads of the hydra I just shot it in the heart and got rid of my account. Sure I’m on twitter but I use that for info and just a few close personal friends.

    • Yeah deleting the account is definitely an option, but there are still uses for Facebook and reasons to stay. First, everyone is on it, including most of your family, so if you like to share pictures and stuff with them it’s really a great way to do it. Second, fan pages are excellent for hosting your own stuff and getting it out to a large audience. I definitely see your point and understand why you’d want to go straight to the source of all the evil, but recognizing what is evil about it and removing it is just as effective.

      • Amanda
      • November 6th, 2010

      Its really kind of fun though of how many people really get pissed that you deleted them. The funny thing is that they never talk to you but are super pissed just that they got deleted. I pretty much now use FB for close friends and family.

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