EXODUS: the webcomic


Ever since the legal woes that tore apart my last webcomic project, Captive, I’ve been trying to find a new webcomic idea to work on.  Something that would be worth my time because it would likely take a long time to complete. 

My last project was a bit stressful with a weekly update schedule when I also had work, school, a wife and two kids.  Coming to the realization that maintaining a webcomic is just too time consuming when you have so many other important things going on in life would be enough for most artists to throw in the towel, and I have to admit that I’ve often thought that my comic making days were over, but I think I may finally have an idea worth putting on paper…the Exodus.

The idea has rolled through my head quite a few times lately due to the fact that my wife and I have been studying the books of the Old Testament, and I can’t stop thinking that it would be a wonderful story to tell through art.  The idea solidified even more as our pastor has been asking us to search our God given talents, then to find ways to put them to use for the church or to serve God in some way.  Photoshopping up some flyers for the children’s Christmas play, while enjoyable, probably isn’t the best way for me to utilize my artistic abilities, but a webcomic…that’s more like it.

After thinking about it for quite a while and wondering if this was just another idea that I would never follow through with or something I could actually dedicate some time to I pitched the idea to my wife.  She was less than excited.  Regardless, I’m going to keep looking into the idea to see if it is possible.  Yesterday I started looking into free webcomic hosting to see where I can put this thing.  I used to use my own site to host comics and put them on Drunk Duck, which was a fine free service so I’m pretty sure I will stay there.  I will likely get lost in the fray as it’s one of the biggest webcomic hosts around, but, unlike other ventures, I’m not exactly doing this trying to get lots of traffic or to compete with other webcomic artists.

I know it’s crazy to be thinking about this early in the game, but I was also thinking about what would happen if I finished the project.  I’d really like to see it and print then sell copies to cover the cost of printing plus a buck that would be donated to the church.  How cool would that be?  I don’t know if this is just a stupid pipe dream, or if I really have what it takes to put out another comic without it having a negative effect on my family life, but I really think I’d like to try.  What do you guys think?  Any feedback would be great!

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