Massacre of Innocents


I am continuing with my webcomic idea…well sort of.  I wanted to start with a retelling of the Exodus then move onto other unique retellings of other classic Bible stories, but instead I decided I’m going to start with a 3 part story about the Christ.

This won’t be just any story of the Christ, though.  I want to start a Rival mini-series called To Kill The Christ.  Each story will focus on someone who targeted the Christ as a central character rather than Jesus himself.  For example, the first story will be called Massacre of Innocents, and will be about King Herod and his attempt to kill the child king of the Jews.  The following stories will chronical the betrayal, arrest, and murder of the Christ, all focusing on those who would have him killed.

I thought this would be an interesting way to tell this story and started oitlining the first last night.  I am looking for help with writing and fact checking, if anyone is interested.  I should be able to start concept art very soon and will post some of that to my blog.  If all goes well and I actually finish the project, I will move on to the Exodus as originally planned. 

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