Liberals are not the enemy. Satan is.

Last night at work, I was unfortunate enough to have to listen to Ann Coulter on Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN during my lunch.  As she was rambling on with her usual anti-Liberal rhetoric, I was reminded of a time when I too bought into the crap the cable networks tried to pass off as news and blamed the Liberals for the deterioration of morality in American society.  As she plowed through  her laundry list of ‘Liberals-are-evil’ complaints, the only thing that I could think was: “Liberals are not the enemy.  Satan is.”…kinda neat to see how open your eyes become when you choose to not be blinded by the world.

I can seriously remember a time when I would sit around and watch hours and hours of cable news every single day.  In my obsession with fixing our broken society, I somehow thought that understanding politics would be a gateway to getting the ‘right’ politicians into office, enacting policies that would be conducive to a more morally conscience society, and detaining or controlling those who were detrimental to society.  Buying into media spin, I often blamed Liberals for the moral decay of society.  I felt that they were too lax on crime and too eager to accept emerging social trends that, from a Biblical standpoint, are outright absurd.  The initial complaints started with things like gay rights and marriages, abortion, and trade agreements that I saw detrimental to national security.  This, of course, snowballed into generalized complaints about all Liberal policies, including taxes and government funding for social programs that actually do have scriptural basis.  Obama’s Presidency has been a pinnacle of this media driven demonization of Liberals, and, even after a couple of years of very non-evil presidential actions, right-wing nuts still paint him out to be the anti-christ.

There were a lot of things that were wrong with the way I thought back then, but it pretty much boils down to the fact that I had a worldly mindset, and relied on my own understanding to look for solutions.  What I should have been doing, however, was looking to God.  Here’s the simple truth regarding my previous statements: I was wrong.  I was wrong to think that we should be controlling freedoms in order to maintain a more moral society, because God gave man free will so that he could make that choice on his own – without government intervention.  I was wrong to think that deviants should merely be detained rather than rehabilitated.  Even know I knew an awful lot about recidivism rates from studying criminal justice, I still had the mind set that all morally delinquent people should be removed from society and isolated.  Most of all, I was wrong to have believed that Conservatives had the moral high ground and were somehow more capable of producing a moral society than the Liberals.  For every abortion supporting Liberal, there is a pervert Conservative tweeting lewd pictures of himself to an intern.

Truth is, Satan has deceived those  politicians who fight for immoral policies.  Satan has deceived those who believe themselves to be morally right, while giving into immoral temptations when they think that no one is looking.  And Satan had deceived me by convincing me that he didn’t exist, and that the Liberals were actually the source of this evil.

Liberals didn’t destroy our society.  Sin did.  Conservatives can’t fix our society.  Jesus can.

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