TKTC – To Kill The Comic.

After running TKTC Herod for 16 weeks, followed by about an 8 week hiatus, I’ve decided to pull the plug.  This is/was the first Christian webcomic from Rival Comics, and it was the first of a plotted 3-part series.

TKTC, or To Kill The Christ, was a series meant to follow the life of the Christ, specifically focusing on those who would try to have him killed.  The first part, titled Herod, focused on the story of the Magi, depicted in the Gospel of Matthew, that followed a star into Bethlehem and warned the Christ child and his family about an attempt on his life by king Herod.

Read on for more details about TKTC and new projects.

I started TKTC Herod shortly after being baptized and finding it harder and harder to enjoy, write or draw ‘secular’ material.  I felt compelled to make a Christian webcomic in order to use my artistic talents and love for comics to make something that would bring honor and glory to God, and help to share the Gospel story.  For 16 weeks, I updated the comic faithfully every Thursday, and I had a lot of fun while working on the project.  It didn’t have a huge fanbase, but I didn’t expect it to raise as many eyebrows as previous comics such as Captive did.

A lot of good things happened during the run of this comic.  Shortly into it’s run, it was a weekly feature on Comic Domination, and it landed me a radio interview on Yes FM, where I not only got to talk about the comic and pimp the link on the radio, but I also got to give testimony, which was a first for me and an experience I won’t likely forget.  While not breaking any records, it was fairly popular on Drunk Duck, although most of the readers weren’t too interested in it as a Christian story.  I also developed some new methods, and fine tuned some old ones, that streamlined my webcomic making process and allowed me to get updates done much more easily and consistently.  Compared to how Captive was made, this was more efficient by leaps and bounds.  Finally, this comic was the inspiration for Buy a comic; save a nation, which is a site (while still underdeveloped) dedicated to selling Christian webcomics, print comics, and commissioned art on the internet in order to support ministries around this world.

Sadly, I became too confident in my ability to continue writing, drawing, coloring and publishing each page on a weekly basis, the same week that it was due.  I didn’t bother building up any surplus of pages before the launch on Christmas day 2010, and I didn’t work ahead during the run because I felt that I was keeping up fine without a surplus.  I should have learned this lesson during the Captive run, which frequently ran late due to the same problem, but I didn’t.  For 16 weeks I was able to pull this off, so I decided to take a week off to finish up a commission for a t-shirt design.  Of course, this was immediately followed with the birth of my son, which halted all art and writing on the project.  Of course, I’m not upset about the birth of my son, but I am upset about my lack of planning.  I thought that his arrival would knock me out for a couple of weeks, tops, but I have never been able to bounce back from the changes in schedule since he popped out, and I eventually lost momentum on the project.  For the last few weeks I have mulled over the idea of rereading what I already had and trying to get back into the story, but I’ve lost too much steam, as well as readership.  My wife has urged me to finish the story, but today I’m officially announcing the cancellation of TKTC Herod.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, folks.  During the run on TKTC, I had ideas for other short stories that I wanted to tackle after Herod was finished.  These were other Christian stories based on parables taught by Jesus, but set in modern times.  The first of which is to be called Bad Seed, and will be based on the parable of the Prodigal Son.  It will depart from the story told in Luke, though, as it will be set in modern times in a big city where a young man, feeling very restricted by his well-to-do Conservative Christian father, runs off with some of his father’s money and blows it all trying to find satisfaction in the open arms of friends and women who seem to love him until the money, drugs, and booze run out.  I plan on keeping the bulk of the story inline with what is told in Luke, but presenting it in a fresh and relatable way that will be appealing to today’s webcomic fan.

I’m not planning on starting this project right away, but when I do, I will be changing the way I go about making webcomics so that I might avoid falling into some of the traps that I have before.  First off, I am going to write the entire thing before starting any artwork.  Second, I’m going to keep it much shorter than previous stories; probably only about ten pages or so.  And finally, I will probably not be posting ANY online until ALL of it is finished.  I’m not sure if I will then release one page at a time on a weekly schedule, as I’ve done in the past, or if I’ll release it all at once as a downloadable ebook, but I want to have it finished before I get roped into any kind of update schedule that I can’t keep.

I apologize to my readers for not updating TKTC in so long, and offering no explanation as to what was going on, but I hope this helps and I hope that you will all be around as I move forward with life and future projects.  I still have a lot going on and a lot to figure out, so I’m not exactly sure when I will be starting Bad Seed, but I will keep you posted.  I will also try to release concept art, sketches, and colored pictures on this blog, facebook, and twitter throughout the process before any pages are officially released.

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