Save the drama for your mama!

OK, so he doesn't only chomp on boobs...

Like most men, I happen to think boobs are pretty awesome.  Unlike most men, it’s because of their natural, God intended purpose.

Before Jack was born, my wife and I decided that he was going to be breastfed.  We decided this for a number of reasons.  1) it’s free, 2) it allows you to use boobs the way God intended them to be used, and 3) it’s free…oh yeah, I already said that.  So far, it’s been an excellent experience that has opened my eyes to a lot of things, such as why the world doesn’t want you to use boobs for food, and just how quickly the corporate world, and hospitals, will throw you and your children under the bus in order to make a buck.

Years ago, I would have never thought twice about bottle feeding my children.  In fact, that is exactly how our two girls were fed.  This just seemed to make perfect sense, given that I don’t have boobs, and two parents able to feed are much better than one, right?  In a world that encourages, and almost forces the necessity of, two working parents, breast feeding can almost seem like an impossibility.  Take into account all of the other pointless things we busy ourselves with, and booby feeding escapes the realm of possibility altogether.

On top of that, hospitals, television, doctors, and flyers make formula seem like a normal part of life.  Almost as if it is the way babies are supposed to be fed.  But of course they would…people stand to make a large chunk of change off of that assumption.  I really started to take not of this after we had made our decision.  The doctors seemed to continually push formula samples on us, which are given to them by companies that don’t care about your baby’s well being nearly as much as they care about their profits this year, even after they knew (and they were repeatedly told) that we would be breastfeeding.  We were met with the same type of behavior at the hospital when Amanda delivered, too.  It seemed like the staff was continually trying to push supplementary bottles on us, almost trying to convince my wife that she wasn’t capable of producing enough herself.  As if God had created her in way that she would not be able to amply provide for her young.

That, by the way, seems to be something that the world tries to convince all young women of.  “Give up,”, they seem to say, “you won’t be able to produce enough.”.  Sadly, this works far more often than it should, and many frustrated young mothers who make an attempt at breastfeeding give up and shell out thousands of dollars in formula, and forfeit the benefits that come with breastfeeding.

The other thing the world adamantly tries to convince women of, is the fact that they will not have time.  They want to remind you of how busy you are, and how many things you have to do that are more important than nursing your child.  Just look at any ad and you’ll see that it is a directly speaking to any selfish woman out there who values her job, money, and possessions that that money allows her to buy over the relationship and health benefits associated with nursing.  Take a second to think about that.  Is any of that stuff that you busy yourself with really more important than nursing your child?

Is having two working parents more important than nursing?  If we weren’t so materialistic, would we even need to have two working parents?  Is money and possession, or a thriving social life more important than nursing your child?  It absolutely should not be, but it seems that many in our generation seem to believe that it is.

Then there comes the biggest, and most hilarious way that the world stops you from breastfeeding: sexualizing the act.  My wife has made me aware of this, or at least more so than I was, but people associate breastfeeding with sex.  I can’t quite figure this out, but most who oppose breastfeeding use this argument.  They might complain when they see someone “exposing themselves” in public, or posting pictures of themselves feeding on a social networking site.  These same people probably don’t complain when they see scantily clad women all over the cover of their favorite magazine, or dancing around in their favorite music video, but for some reason, they are offended when they see a boob, covered almost entirely by a child, being used in the way that God intended.  Watching my wife breastfeed never illicit any type of sexual thoughts.  There’s a simple reason for this: it is not a sexual act.

For those who really cannot nurse, for whatever reason, I am not criticizing you.  I am, in fact, glad that there are alternatives out there so that lives might be saved in situations where breastfeeding really isn’t a possibility.  This is actually a criticism of a society that would consider breastfeeding to be too sexual, or too time consuming to be a normal part of our culture.  If the natural God intended way of feeding our young is too time consuming for our busy schedules, I think we ought to rethink our priorities.  What are your thoughts on the matter?

Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps which thou has sucked. – Luke 11:27

  1. Breastfeeding is utilizing the God-given design and function for feeding a baby. And breasts have the ability to give sexual delight. And due to culture’s impact on my brain of the “sanctity and mystique of women” and what modesty is (culturally), and sexuality, when my wife breastfed our kids it just seemed weird, even though I knew it was right. If we had more kids I suppose I might have gotten used to it. But as it was I felt my wife’s breasts to be hers and mine, no one else’s, so to see my kids have access, albeit unknowingly, was weird.

    I’ve heard some cultures do not regard breasts sexually at all, but oh the woman had better cover her ankles! So different cultures regard different parts of the body as associated with sex and needing to be treated with particular care. Our world has people groups that wear nothing, almost nothing, some clothes, all the way up to a lot of clothes.

    Considering nerves over the entire body can transmit delight during “sex mode,” and considering the history of various cultures having drastically different definitions of modesty, it seems not to be a function of what the body can do or of an absolute clothing standard, but to come back to consideration of not tempting each other to lust and sin. What does that mean in a given culture?

    Women, do us men a favor and dress modestly according to the cultural standard. That does not include party and club clothes which are intended to turn guys on. Find a way to get feedback on the modesty level of your clothes. If you are advertising, do not be surprised or offended when a man asks; and if you are you need to realize the part you played in attracting him.

  2. I agree that Americans (and most of the world) need to re-examine and prioritize their lives. I believe in the father working and the mother staying at home to raise the kids with the standards and ethics the father and mother have agreed on. This will likely result in a lower standard of living — and it is worth it! Kids do not need many if any toys because they have great imagination and make everything out of packaging materials you are going to throw away anyway!

    • “This will likely result in a lower standard of living — and it is worth it!”

      Exactly! I think that we get so caught up in the material world that we lose sight of what’s really important, but if we are willing to strip that all away – to “lower our standard of living” – we will actually be improving our quality of life. We tried something drastic about a year or so ago: we got rid of our cable channels. I don’t watch TV anyway, so I’m not missing anything, but I thought that my kids would miss it. Interestingly enough, they don’t seem to mind not having cable either, and, since they aren’t watching countless hours of cartoons everyday, they also aren’t being bombarded with so many commercials and advertising either. It’s had a wonderful effect, as when Christmas or birthdays roll around, they barely know what to even ask for. It’s done wonders for reducing the selfish “gimme!” attitude that has become the standard with today’s kids.

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