Random acts of kindness.

People are selfish.  Well, most of them are.  Have you ever been the unexpected recipient of someone else’s selfless act of kindness?  Today, I was left absolutely speechless as I found myself on the receiving end of a co-worker’s generosity, and I felt it absolutely necessary to share!

Today as I was leaving work, a co-worker of mine knocks on my car window.  I had already put my car in drive and was beginning to step on the gas when I heard the knock.

“You got a minute?”

I rolled down my window, “Yeah, sure…what’s up?”

I put my car back in park and stepped out to my fellow Captite brandishing a closed laptop.  “I wanted to show you something…”.  Upon hearing him say this, I suddenly remembered him mentioning that he had something interesting to show me earlier in the night.  He pointed toward his car, which was parked directly behind mine (I hadn’t even noticed in my rush to escape the parking lot).  “Have a seat for a minute.” he said, pointing toward the passenger side.

I hopped in the passenger side of his car, where I’ve sat many mornings (especially years ago when I was a smoker), to chat for a few minutes before heading home.  He opened up the laptop and powered it on.  “This is for you.”  He said.

“What is?” I said hesitantly, as I was getting the vibe that this fellow was offering me a computer.

He was.  I was already starting to formulate a structured response in which I would tell him that I simply couldn’t accept something like that, but, as he powered on the machine, I sat quiet and watched and listened.

He explained how he had picked up the Acer laptop cheap because it didn’t have an operating system.  He then explained how he put Ubuntu (free Linux OS) on it to play around with.  He had it all set up with my name as the administrator and ‘godisgood’ as the password.  He had taken the time to set Ubuntu up to look like Mac OS X, complete with the dock at the bottom that had the trash can on the right.  He had preloaded OpenOffice for school work and some Bible study software in the applications.  He even went as far as putting a very nice looking Christian wallpaper on for me.  This fellow certainly spent some time putting this thing together just for me…he was glad  to give it to me.  How could I tell him no?

I tried to.  I told him that I’d pay for it, and asked how much he had given for it, but I knew he would refuse me.  So, you’re probably wondering why he did this, and why it is such a big deal, right?  He knew that I had been looking to buy a MacBook so that I could take it with me during training trips for work, or if I got to do any short term mission stuff in the future, so that I could be in contact with family and continue doing school work.  I had recently decided against buying a new laptop, however, as I thought there were probably more important things that I could spend the money on that would be more productive and beneficial.  I started working out how I was going to do everything I needed to do without the laptop.

Knowing all this, he decided to take it upon himself to get this laptop that I’m writing on right now set up just for me, so that I could keep doing my school work and talk with my family no matter where I was.  He told me “Use it to do something good.”, and I certainly intend to do so…

As I was getting ready to get out of his car, he told me that he was inspired by the way that I’ve changed over the last couple of years, and that he was impressed with all I’ve learned from the Bible during that time.  He then told me that if I really wanted to pay him back, that I could pray for someone he knew that is having a lot of medical difficulties right now.  I certainly intend to do that as well.

Maybe none of this seems like much to you, but I was left speechless by his generosity, and inspired by this act of kindness.  I think we could all learn a lesson from this unnamed fellow, because, as I’ve heard, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

    • Chris Severt
    • January 24th, 2012

    Maria told me about your MacBuntu when I woke up today and I was shocked. It was good to hear about someone doing something so kind for a change. You don’t hear something like that every morning…

    • Yeah, it was one of the coolest things anyone’s ever done for me…like that one day you gave me a Mac, lol. I’ve been playing with the “MacBuntu” quite a bit, and I’m really impressed with the way this OS works. It’s crazy that it’s free…it runs so much better than Windows! I really feel like I should do something to pay this fellow back…at the very least, I need to make sure I do some good with it! Thanks for reading, brother o’ mine!

  1. Awesome story Steven! Thanks for sharing it 🙂 I will pray for his unnamed friend as well.

    • Thanks for your prayers! Yeah, I’m still pretty blown away by what happened…definitely the kind of selflessness that is all too absent in the world. His actions are encouraging and inspiring, to say the least!

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