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Show me your Jesus piece!

The Lost

This is a photo-montage that was part of one of my final projects for my Art Appreciation class.  I really liked that class because, rather than just making me appreciate art, it made me find a new appreciation for Christ, and a new way to express that appreciation.  This montage includes photos of the comic I was working on before coming to Christ, Captive, as well as art work completed after finding Christ.  I finished it up with clips of an alcoholic, some happy pills, some nails, and a crown of thorns to represent where I was and what was done for me through Christ.  The scripture, Luke 19:10, was fitting as I replaced ‘ME’ with the Lost that the Son of Man had come to save.  Have you ever created any Christian art?  Let me see your Jesus piece and I’ll post it up on my blog!!


Have you ever used an illegal or pirated copy of expensive software?  It’s sometimes easy to do so under justifications such as “if the company didn’t make it so expensive…” and “if I were using the software every day maybe I’d actually pay for it.”.  Let me tell you how Jesus convicted me of using an unregistered copy of Adobe Photoshop, and how God honored that conviction with providing me with the deal of a lifetime.

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TKTC – To Kill The Comic.

After running TKTC Herod for 16 weeks, followed by about an 8 week hiatus, I’ve decided to pull the plug.  This is/was the first Christian webcomic from Rival Comics, and it was the first of a plotted 3-part series.

TKTC, or To Kill The Christ, was a series meant to follow the life of the Christ, specifically focusing on those who would try to have him killed.  The first part, titled Herod, focused on the story of the Magi, depicted in the Gospel of Matthew, that followed a star into Bethlehem and warned the Christ child and his family about an attempt on his life by king Herod.

Read on for more details about TKTC and new projects.
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t-shirt commission – first to support ministry

I recently finished a commission for a t-shirt design for an annual croquet tournament in Coldwater, Ohio, and it is the first commissioned art piece to support ‘buy a comic, save a nation’.  All money received will be transferred through BACSAN to Go Out Ministries in Haiti to support their House of Abraham project.  I’m not used to doing a lot of commissions, and I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone for this project as I’m not used to doing such a ‘cartoony’ style, but I hope to continue doing commissions in the future to help this ministry and others around the world.  Ultimately I hope to finish my comic and start selling it on a larger scale to be able to donate larger sums of money, but every little bit helps, and every commission brings supported ministries closer to their goals.  Read on to see how this project was made and how you can help!

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