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Who cares if I spend 6 bucks on a cup of coffee?

Public discussion of personal finances | Think Christian.

I just read this article on Think Christian and thought that it was pretty interesting.  Do you ever go through your budget and spending habits only to find that you spend a lot on frivolous and unnecessary things?  I know I do.  My wife and I have done a lot of budget cutting over the last couple of years due to uncertainty at work, and over the last year, mainly due to several lifestyle changes, we’ve been pretty critical of our own vices and have been actively cutting out our waste.

We started with things like cigarettes and alcohol, because they were so obviously detrimental to our health and the health of our children, as well as being expensive.  Cutting those habits saved a buttload of money, but we’ve continued examining our spending habits and cutting out unessential things.  We’ve cut back on trips to Wal-Mart, which were made seemingly on a daily basis before because it is so close to our house.  We did this with the combination of planning ahead and avoiding altogether.  The discount store ALDI has helped tremendously (but the tornado that destroyed it did not help much). Continue reading

Osama Tsunami and the Comic-kazi kid!

Finally coloring this long overdue t-shirt

Wow, what a week!  We’ve seen the most wanted man in the world shot dead and put to rest at sea.  We’ve seen how devastating events like the Japan tsunami can be, even for small towns like Celina, OH.  And I’ve seen my newborn son spend his second week on Earth…and inevitably had no time for art!

With all the crazy things going on;  With uncertainty about money and jobs, new lives to care for, the busy lives of a growing family, and grand events all over the news, it’s kind of hard to fathom ever getting our lives under control. We can’t. Thank God.

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401k: keeping your firstfruits

Do you put money into a 401k?  If so, what percentage of your salary do you put in?  The company where I have worked for the last 7 years offers 401k, but I’ve never signed up despite the fact that it’s all pre-tax and the company matches what you put in up to a certain percentage. 

My friends and coworkers never understood why I didn’t put in and always tried to convince me that “you gotta pay yourself first”.  I always convinced myself that I simply could not afford it at the time and would put in eventually…when I was more established financially and had less debt.  But I knew that I would probably always have debt and was using it as an excuse.  But why?  Was I afraid of it because I didn’t have much of an understanding of it?  I don’t know what the real reasons for not utilizing it were at first, but I recently realized something about 401k that makes perfect sense: it is my firstfruit.
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