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Am I the only one who thinks that getting up, running, kicking, and waving my arms around like an idiot in front of a tv is a rediculous way to play a video game?  Nintendo decided to “break the mold” by introducing the Wii and sacrificing power and graphics in lieu of massive amounts of interaction between gamer and game, which was respectable enough and broadened the gamining audience to include a much more casual crowd, but did Sony and Microsoft really have to follow in their footsteps years later?
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James Bond will return…right?

Yes!  If you would have asked me that question a couple of days ago, I might have looked at you sadly and replied, “dunno…can MGM pull their heads out of their butts enough to fund his mission?”, but luckily today I can answer yes, Bond 23 will definitely happen.  I read yesterday that Spyglass Entertainment won the bid to put out the next Bond film, and that filming should start/resume soon.  This came with news that Peter Jackson’s “the Hobbit” would also see the big screen in two installments after it too was left in limbo with MGM’s poor financial situation.  I, for one, am extremely excited to see Daniel Craig reprise his role and grace the big screen again…I had started to think that we would only see him in video games this year as the original story “Bloodstone” and the Goldeneye remake, both starring Craig, will be released this year.
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