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Reflections from a gun owner.

From left to right: GSG5 (.22), Bushmaster (.223), AK74 (5.45x39), Bersa Thunder (.380)

From left to right: GSG5 (.22), Bushmaster (.223), AK74 (5.45×39), Bersa Thunder (.380)

I’m not going to write a post with my opinions about the events at Sandy Hook Elementary last week. There are plenty of opinions floating around the blogoshpere, and adding another page of digital drivel isn’t going to do anyone any good. The last thing I want to do is to provide my own theological reasoning for the events, as if that would somehow make sense of what happened or console those affected. So, to that end, I will not post my thoughts on why or how or what we should do next. As a gun owner, however, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on what this means for me. I’ve owned several assault rifles, among many other types of firearms, ever since I’ve been legally allowed to. I’ve had many “AR-15” and AK-47 type weapons, some of which I still own today. In my home right now is a Bushmaster “M4” style rifle, very similar to those used in many of the shootings happening in an alarming rate all across the nation. I’ve been asking myself this question: “Why do I own these?”. I can’t hardly pretend that I need such high powered rifles to defend my home. I don’t have very much time for recreational shooting like I did when I was younger, and even if I did I would be doing so with my children, who I would not let use such heavy firepower. I don’t hunt. I’m not going to war. What good could possibly come from my possession of such weapons? None. If there is no practical purpose for my ownership of such weapons, then it is time for them to go.

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I am a new creation, but the old isn’t gone…

The other day, I decided to go ahead and take the dive into facebook timeline, since it was inevitably coming anyway.  I had been dodging the switch because I was dreading going through all the past posts and deleting the things from my past that I didn’t want to be associated with anymore.  After all, I am a new creation, but for facebook, the old is certainly not gone.

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Staring at Windows…

Recently, I had a major computer malfunction, and my iMac G5 (which is a 2005 model) took a major dump.  I was in a bind because I needed a computer for school, and I definitely didn’t have time to order parts or wait for the iMac to get repaired.  So, I panicked, ran to Walmart, and bought a Samsung laptop running Windows 7.  It sucked.  Luckily, my brother was able to repair the Mac and I was able to return the Samsung for a full refund.  You’d think that the moral of the story would be “buy Mac”, but there was a deeper lesson to be learned.

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Save the drama for your mama!

OK, so he doesn't only chomp on boobs...

Like most men, I happen to think boobs are pretty awesome.  Unlike most men, it’s because of their natural, God intended purpose.

Before Jack was born, my wife and I decided that he was going to be breastfed.  We decided this for a number of reasons.  1) it’s free, 2) it allows you to use boobs the way God intended them to be used, and 3) it’s free…oh yeah, I already said that.  So far, it’s been an excellent experience that has opened my eyes to a lot of things, such as why the world doesn’t want you to use boobs for food, and just how quickly the corporate world, and hospitals, will throw you and your children under the bus in order to make a buck.

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Osama Tsunami and the Comic-kazi kid!

Finally coloring this long overdue t-shirt

Wow, what a week!  We’ve seen the most wanted man in the world shot dead and put to rest at sea.  We’ve seen how devastating events like the Japan tsunami can be, even for small towns like Celina, OH.  And I’ve seen my newborn son spend his second week on Earth…and inevitably had no time for art!

With all the crazy things going on;  With uncertainty about money and jobs, new lives to care for, the busy lives of a growing family, and grand events all over the news, it’s kind of hard to fathom ever getting our lives under control. We can’t. Thank God.

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