What if God is pro-choice?


Before I begin, I would like to say that I am pro-life, and that the Bible clearly teaches that human life is sacred…but what if God is pro-choice?

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Beat my breast before the Lord

Often times I think that we, the Church, do more to push people away from Jesus than anything else that this world has to offer.  We often put ourselves in high positions, so sure of our own salvation, but then put heavy yokes on others that they can’t possibly bear.  We wallow in our self righteousness and drown others in our judgement.  We spend so much time convincing ourselves and others that we aren’t sinners, but somehow forget that it was the sinners that Jesus came to save.

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I realized that I have not posted here in a long time.  A lot has happened since I last updated this site.  I’ve changed because He’s changed me.  I’ve become more focused because He has given me direction.  I’ve dedicated myself to making disciples because that’s the one thing that He has asked us to do.  I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately in light of the election and other major events going on in my life and I realize just how much people will attach to the Gospel.  Just how much of our own agenda we marry to Christianity.  The simple truth is: Jesus doesn’t care about our political affiliations or personal finances.  He didn’t tell us to hold ice cream socials and New Years parties.  He’s not impressed by the church with the coolest Christmas special.  He has asked us to make disciples.  This age will end and the only thing he requires of us as His followers is to tell as many people about Him – to make as many disciples as possible – before He returns.

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Born Again

After studying the term begotten as used in the New Testament, it is interesting to see the different contexts in which it is used, and how a new life in Christ is related, by use of this word, to a new literal, physical birth. Over and over throughout the Bible, the word begotten is used to describe a natural parental relationship, such as someone being pregnant, and that which she is pregnant with is begotten, and someone having a child, which is their begotten child. The term is also used in some other interesting ways, though, such as when God accepts someone as his child, or someone accepts Jesus as their savior. The use of the same word, usually referring to a new birth and the relationship between the parent and child, shows how a new life in Christ is also like a new birth, and we truly are the children of God.
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As a long time psoriasis sufferer, I often feel like a leper.  It is often depressing and even faith shaking.  Luckily, as I drift further into solitude, separating myself from the world for fear of what they might think and say, I find more and more solace in the word.  I wanted to take a second to list some of my favorite verses that help me deal with my disease.  If you are a psoriasis sufferer or know anyone who is, these might be helpful to you too…enjoy!

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