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TKTC – To Kill The Comic.

After running TKTC Herod for 16 weeks, followed by about an 8 week hiatus, I’ve decided to pull the plug.  This is/was the first Christian webcomic from Rival Comics, and it was the first of a plotted 3-part series.

TKTC, or To Kill The Christ, was a series meant to follow the life of the Christ, specifically focusing on those who would try to have him killed.  The first part, titled Herod, focused on the story of the Magi, depicted in the Gospel of Matthew, that followed a star into Bethlehem and warned the Christ child and his family about an attempt on his life by king Herod.

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TKTC: Herod concept art

Yesterday I started concept art for King Herod for my upcoming webcomic, TKTC: Herod.  I hope to start some concept art of the 3 wise men, who I have decided are Persians, later today and hope to have it posted in my facebook sketchbook.  I have most of the first part of this series outlined and should start actual writing and art very soon.  The comic will be hosted on Drunk Duck.