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Backyard Theologians

Don’t you thoroughly despise having someone’s personal theology crammed down your throat?  No matter how hard they’re trying to evangelize, don’t the so called “Bible thumpers” end up turning you off from hearing what they have to say, more specifically, from hearing the Gospel message?  I’ve noticed as I search for Christian blogs to read, that I enjoy “slice of life…with a Christian slant”, but what I usually end up with is a backyard theologian.  Writing in this manner is a mistake that comes from the zeal of a new Christian, or the pride of an old and pompous one, and it’s something that I, as I am well aware, am guilty of myself.  Sadly, arrogant Christian rants turn more people away from the Gospel than they ever draw to it; the condescending tones divide rather than invite.

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Hosting fees? We don’t need no stinkin’ hosting fees!

Do you run a website or blog?  If so, what do you pay for hosting?  Now I’m sure what your paying now is much, much less than what you would have paid five years ago and you have many more options and features at your disposal, but is it worth it?  Hosting providers can offer an awful lot these days for fairly low cost…could it possibly be that, with social networking and free blogging sites, paying for hosting has become obsolete?  I think so.

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