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Taking back Sunday

What does Sunday mean to you?  Is it just another day?  Another opportunity to shop, work, and make money?  What about for your employer?  If you can’t produce or accomplish enough in five days, do they expect you to work 6?  And if you can’t get enough done in 6 days, do you work the 7th?  For most Americans, Sunday is exactly that: just another day.  But for all the money that we’ve made in our culture that is hopelessly devoid of any time set aside for family or worship, and for all the things that we’ve accumulated by using every opportunity possible to spend our earnings, are we any happier?  As a society, have we seen any benefit at all to our obsessive work habits, and lack of disagreement to seven day work weeks? Continue reading

EXODUS: the webcomic


Ever since the legal woes that tore apart my last webcomic project, Captive, I’ve been trying to find a new webcomic idea to work on.  Something that would be worth my time because it would likely take a long time to complete. 

My last project was a bit stressful with a weekly update schedule when I also had work, school, a wife and two kids.  Coming to the realization that maintaining a webcomic is just too time consuming when you have so many other important things going on in life would be enough for most artists to throw in the towel, and I have to admit that I’ve often thought that my comic making days were over, but I think I may finally have an idea worth putting on paper…the Exodus.
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