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Go Out Ministries

Go Out Ministries.

I know I’ve mentioned the House of Abraham in Haiti several times.  I wanted to let you all know that the House is open and operational now.  Fenel has also been working on his website for the ministry which can be found at the link above.  While I don’t currently see a place to donate on the site, I’m sure there will be one added soon if you are interested in supporting this ministry financially.  I will write more as more becomes available.  Best wishes to Fenel and God bless!

t-shirt commission – first to support ministry

I recently finished a commission for a t-shirt design for an annual croquet tournament in Coldwater, Ohio, and it is the first commissioned art piece to support ‘buy a comic, save a nation’.  All money received will be transferred through BACSAN to Go Out Ministries in Haiti to support their House of Abraham project.  I’m not used to doing a lot of commissions, and I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone for this project as I’m not used to doing such a ‘cartoony’ style, but I hope to continue doing commissions in the future to help this ministry and others around the world.  Ultimately I hope to finish my comic and start selling it on a larger scale to be able to donate larger sums of money, but every little bit helps, and every commission brings supported ministries closer to their goals.  Read on to see how this project was made and how you can help!

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