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Staring at Windows…

Recently, I had a major computer malfunction, and my iMac G5 (which is a 2005 model) took a major dump.  I was in a bind because I needed a computer for school, and I definitely didn’t have time to order parts or wait for the iMac to get repaired.  So, I panicked, ran to Walmart, and bought a Samsung laptop running Windows 7.  It sucked.  Luckily, my brother was able to repair the Mac and I was able to return the Samsung for a full refund.  You’d think that the moral of the story would be “buy Mac”, but there was a deeper lesson to be learned.

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Have you ever used an illegal or pirated copy of expensive software?  It’s sometimes easy to do so under justifications such as “if the company didn’t make it so expensive…” and “if I were using the software every day maybe I’d actually pay for it.”.  Let me tell you how Jesus convicted me of using an unregistered copy of Adobe Photoshop, and how God honored that conviction with providing me with the deal of a lifetime.

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