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Salvation? There’s an app for that!

These days, there’s an app for everything.  You want to time your contractions?  No problem!  Want to know the exact temperature and time to grill that steak for a perfect steakhouse flavor?  You can easily do that with a free download from the appstore too.  And who can forget about the absolute necessity of Angry Birds?  Don’t act like you haven’t played it!  But with all the games and apps that allow you to do…well…everything, how many of the apps on your phone or device have any REAL value?  I often like to point out things that humans do that waste or pervert the technologies that we’ve created or possess, but I often overlook the good that people have done through the same technologies.  For every hundred thousand worthless apps on the Android market, you come across something priceless like the YouVersion Bible app.  Want to know God more and get into right relationship with Christ through his word??  There’s an app for that!

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