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Who cares if I spend 6 bucks on a cup of coffee?

Public discussion of personal finances | Think Christian.

I just read this article on Think Christian and thought that it was pretty interesting.  Do you ever go through your budget and spending habits only to find that you spend a lot on frivolous and unnecessary things?  I know I do.  My wife and I have done a lot of budget cutting over the last couple of years due to uncertainty at work, and over the last year, mainly due to several lifestyle changes, we’ve been pretty critical of our own vices and have been actively cutting out our waste.

We started with things like cigarettes and alcohol, because they were so obviously detrimental to our health and the health of our children, as well as being expensive.  Cutting those habits saved a buttload of money, but we’ve continued examining our spending habits and cutting out unessential things.  We’ve cut back on trips to Wal-Mart, which were made seemingly on a daily basis before because it is so close to our house.  We did this with the combination of planning ahead and avoiding altogether.  The discount store ALDI has helped tremendously (but the tornado that destroyed it did not help much). Continue reading