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Discipleship in Action (DiA) – the vision

I have a vision with Harvest Field.  Maybe that’s obvious.  Our mission is to help people to know Jesus Christ through small-group, individual, and online studies so that they can not only come into a faith relationship with our Lord and Savior, but so that they also can become dedicated, fruit-producing disciples that glorify our Lord and help bring others to Him.


Since Harvest Field has started, we’ve tried several different approaches and curriculum, but we’ve always been seeking the same goal.  The goal that the Lord gave me when I was first called.  Some of the things that we’ve tried have worked rather well, like the at home studies using the DFD material from NavPress.  Others have crashed and burned before they even got off the ground, like the short lived BibleX study that we offered online.  The successes and failures of each study, each curriculum, and each setting have taught me an awful a lot.  A lot about what exactly it was that I’m trying to do, and how, with the Lord, we are going to do it.



Odd man out.

Do you ever feel like the odd man out?  You ever feel like you can’t fit in with the people around you?  Like you don’t understand or agree with their jokes or topics for conversation but almost feel obligated to laugh or join in in order to fit in?  I do.  All the time.  There’s always pressure from all around to conform and compromise.  I just keep trying to remind myself of what it is that I’m not fitting into.  With a world so full of sin, shame, guilt and pain you’d think everyone would be trying to get out rather than fit in. Continue reading