t-shirt commission – first to support ministry

I recently finished a commission for a t-shirt design for an annual croquet tournament in Coldwater, Ohio, and it is the first commissioned art piece to support ‘buy a comic, save a nation’.  All money received will be transferred through BACSAN to Go Out Ministries in Haiti to support their House of Abraham project.  I’m not used to doing a lot of commissions, and I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone for this project as I’m not used to doing such a ‘cartoony’ style, but I hope to continue doing commissions in the future to help this ministry and others around the world.  Ultimately I hope to finish my comic and start selling it on a larger scale to be able to donate larger sums of money, but every little bit helps, and every commission brings supported ministries closer to their goals.  Read on to see how this project was made and how you can help!

Like I said in the opening, I’m definitely not used to this art style as I primarily do comic art, but I had A LOT of fun doing this project.  I was first sent a handful of photos from the person running the tournament of people who attended the previous year.  I had to then take those people and essentially do a caricature of them, which is something I’ve never done.

This was the initial sketch based on a verbal description of a scene that happened a the tournament the previous year.  The customer gave me a verbal description of the character and scene, and I sketched this up to send to him to make sure that the style matched what he was thinking.  I later found out that he had also texted me photos of this person, well the real-life version of this person, but I failed to download them to my phone to see what he really looked like.  Turns out he gives great verbal descriptions because the real fellow looks a lot like this!

Here I sketched some of the supporting characters on the shirt based on photos of the customer and his friends that he emailed to me.

After all of the sketches were approved and I knew the style was OK, I started doing one of my favorite parts of any art project: digital inks and colors in Photoshop.  This is something that I love to do, and I’ve realized over the years that Photoshop is the greatest program on Earth.  No matter how long you use it, you will always find new tools and methods that you never knew existed.  When I started coloring my own comics, I used to use a lot of gradients as I was unfamiliar with many other methods, but I now prefer to use soft brushes and color everything by hand (hand on mouse, that is).

Here I had nearly finished all of the colors and added in a faded wooded background to set the scene.  The only thing left to do was to add the lettering.

And here is the finished design with lettering.  I emailed it out to the customer on Saturday morning and am very excited to see it printed on the tournament contestants’ t-shirts this summer!  Heck, I might even buy one myself.

If you would like to have me do any artwork and support a good cause, there are several ways to help.  I accept commissions (with content restrictions) for donation to my site ‘Buy a comic, save a nation’.  All proceeds from these commissions (dubbed Commissions for Christ) benefit this site, which was set up to donate funds to charities and ministries all over the world.  You can contact me for commissions on my deviantart page, the buy a comic save a nation page, my Rival Comics page, on Twitter, through email at stevensevert@live.com, or right here on my blog!

  1. June 13th, 2011

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